I Know (Feat. Dialetrix)

by Manny Dac

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Entry for the Calski "I Know" competition held recently.


We step it up, stepping in, step it over the bar,
I'm like Dialetrix, my mind go far,
Beyond realms of reality, step beyond the mask,
Because there ain't no holding back when it come to the art.
Ya feelin' this? Take a sip of wickedness, I'm serious,
About this liquid elixir, I got a few spare jars.
Don't take it to heart but some of these cats seem to need them,
Talking about this idiots that don't know what the difference is,
Between whack and these dope flow bars,
I get up and shred it like a Hendrix guitar,
So to the cats that think their lyrics are fucking sick,
Batter up, because they be swinging but miss.
Your fizzled out with the same old sound,
I'm sniffing out new path ways, like a great blood hound.
Seven Deuce baby we rip it to pieces and parts,
And yeah we know our odds but still be playing our cards.



released October 27, 2015
- Calski (produced)
- Dialetrix (Second Vocalist)




Manny Dac Adelaide, Australia

Having his close friend Ryan Sparks, producer of eight years on board and showing him how to create music from day one helped streamline the musical development of Manny Dac to the sounds he has released to date.

With a love and passion for Hip-Hop, Manny Dac is set to embark on his own musical journey; displaying strong Trap, Electronic and traditional Hip-Hop characteristics through his music.
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